Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Let's Get Started!

I can't believe I finally have a blog! 

I have thought about writing a blog for ages.
I have lists of things I could blog about.
I have a file of photos that I could use in blog posts.
I read and follow teaching blogs. 

So after thinking about it…. for about 3 years (as you can tell I am hardly spontaneous) I finally contacted Danielle at Crayon Box Learning.  Unfortunately, all that thinking had not made my vision of what I wanted for my blog any clearer!  If anything, I was more confused than ever.  I pretty much closed my eyes and picked a name off my list of potential blog names that I had been keeping … for about 3 years.  Panicked, when I realized I had to come up with a colour scheme (I had not made a list for that), I sent Danielle a picture of a napkin.  Yes, a napkin!   Stress eating can come in handy when you somehow notice the lovely colours in the napkin under your chocolate chip banana muffin. 

The napkin…after I ate the muffin!

The one thing I did know is I wanted was a polar bear.  I live up North.  Not just North like the country Canada is North.  I live in the North of Canada.  Polar Bears do not roam the streets (thank goodness) but it is cold and it is isolated.  The internet is essential to help us keep connected.  With the nearest teacher store a 14 hr drive away I have relied on many of the wonderful ideas shared by teachers on their blogs and in their TPT stores.  I am a teacher and even though I live way up at the top of the world I can connect to teachers everywhere through this blog.  Anyway, the polar bear was important to me!   

Luckily, for me Danielle knew how to put all this randomness together to create this awesome blog.  She was also able to create a custom drawn polar bear for me and came up with the adorable idea to have him peeking over the edge of the header.  I am happy and I finally have a blog.  Hopefully, it won't take me 3 years to come up with my next blog post!