Friday, 23 October 2015

Five for Friday (Oct. 23)

I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday. Here's a peek at my week.....

While most people are still enjoying fall it is already winter up in my neck of the woods!  Where I live up in Northern Canada winter starts early..... and this year it has come even earlier than normal:(   We can always expect some snow by Halloween but this year we have had snow off and on all October.  The little pond behind my house is already frozen over!

Even though it is winter outside I am still embracing the fall season inside!  The girls and I went and bought pumpkins this week.  Obviously, there is no pumpkin patch around but my girls had fun at the grocery store picking out the perfect pumpkins.  And who could pass up on a bunch of fall flowers? Not me.... I just won't look out the window!

Chores, chores, chores.....   My girls were supposed to be doing them but it was turning into a fight lately and nobody could remember who did what and they were still getting their allowance (bad mom) and not really doing anything for it.  Ok, you get the idea!  I finally (after threatening for ages) made a chore chart.  We may still be in the honeymoon phase but man this thing is working like a charm!  The deal is they can do their chores whenever they want but they must do everything on their chart by the end of the week in order to get their allowance.  This morning they were fighting over who got to empty the dishwasher!  Last night my oldest daughter offered to take the garbage out and did it without rolling her eyes (tweens!!!).  So far so good!

This week I updated the very first paid product I made for TPT!  It is a Halloween Pattern Pack so it was able to hide in my store for a long time without much attention.  With Halloween coming up I needed to make a decision whether to just delete it (it no longer represented the quality of the products I have in my store) or give it a face lift.  I was tempted to just let it go.... Halloween only comes once a year and on top of that it was specific to patterns.  As I looked back at the file I remembered it was this product that really got me hooked on being a TPT seller.  I had only signed up as a seller on a whim and really had no expectations that anyone would ever really buy anything I created.  I was working on patterns with my class. It was Halloween. And so my first product came to life!  And...this was the part that was amazing... it sold (and more than once!).  The success of this product gave me the confidence to continue creating and sharing my resources.  Just thinking about it makes me sentimental. The Halloween Pattern Pack had to live on! 

I updated something old and made something new!  I had so much fun making these simple puzzle and printing activities.  Kids get to cut, paste, print and colour....great fine motor control practice and learn some seasonal vocabulary.  Watch out for some more versions.... coming soon.

Have great weekend!!!


  1. Brrrr... that's cold looking! I'm in Australia and we're in the middle of Spring, and it's already getting pretty HOT HOT HOT!!!

    ♥ Stephanie
    Fishing for Education Blog

  2. Oh My GOSH Jill!!!
    I would not survive!! The cold is not my friend! I hope you are keeping nice and warm!!
    I LOVE your chore chart. I will have to try this when my lil peanut gets big enough!
    It’s Kinder Time

  3. Hi Jill! Love your blog and the polar bears! I've been to North Bay, Ontario - are you even further north than that? I watch that show with the vet. who lives in the Yukon - everything is so far away! I'm guessing you've already had all the warm weather you'll have until next spring. Nice to find you!