Saturday, 8 October 2016

Five for Thanksgiving

Five For Thanksgiving 8/10/16

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Today is the beginning of our Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend.   We have many of the same traditions as in the United States.... turkey, pumpkin pie and football.   However, it is more of a harvest festival (hence the earlier date....end of November in Canada is winter!) and not so much about pilgrims, the Mayflower etc..

This week was all things turkey!  So of course we had to label one....  I find modelling invented (phonetic) spelling really encourages my students to do this independently in their own writing.  The students got sooo excited helping me sound out all the words on this chart.  We sounded like a bunch of wild turkeys with everyone shouting out sounds & letters but so much good learning was going on!

We were just wrapping up our review of numbers to ten when some pesky little turkeys kept covering up some of our numbers!  

What is Thanksgiving without a turkey craft!  These little turkeys helped us review our shapes and colours and were so darn adorable......

Turkeys aside.... my favourite part of Thanksgiving in the classroom is talking about all the things we have to be grateful for.  Here are some of my favourite books about being thankful:

We also made our own little Thanksgiving sight word booklets.  These are included in my Thanksgiving Printable Pack.    

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving. Keep warm.
    I have extra blank turkeys in my calendar numbers. Great idea. I'll pull those out for the mystery number. Thank you.

    1. The kids loved this! Your blank turkeys will work great:)

  2. I love your Thanksgiving sight word booklets. What a great idea!