Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Apple Shape Craft

This super simple apple craft is perfect to get those kiddos cutting, reviewing shapes & colors and following directions at the beginning of the year.  Bonus... super easy prep for teachers (should I say more!).

My class last year LOVED crafts... They were my go-to every Wednesday afternoon (our no prep, no leaving the class for anything kind of day....ahhhh!).  Coming up with a craft every week was a bit of a challenge.... major pinterest/TPT browsing and a little creating of my own.  This one is super simple but gets kids cutting (circle practice...) and reviewing basic shapes.  

To make this craft extra easy to prep you can simply print the patterns onto colored paper. There are so many amazing colors & shades of colored paper (that just zip through the photo-copier) to choose from these days! 

The only color I had trouble finding was brown...   I trimmed a sheet of astro-brights construction paper to fit through my printer & it worked great.  Other options would be to print the stem on white paper & have your students color it brown or trace the shape onto brown construction paper if it won't go through your printer.

I do suggest using card stock or construction paper for the background to make it nice & sturdy.  I thought the black background made the craft really stand out but any color would work.

Once the pieces are all prepped and ready to go students can get easily grab the shapes they need and cut & paste away!  To add a little extra learning... students record the color of their apple and count the shapes they used.  

Want to try this craft with your class?  Click the image below.

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